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By Josephyne
#204822 About the server:

We're mainly aimed at a mature audience but made the choice to not set an age limit. After all, some 13-year olds can be a lot more mature than 18-year olds. We find it important that everyone has a fun and safe place to play. That also means we will always look at suggestions and answer on why something will, or will not, be added. What we also find important is having a playtime rank, since ofcourse not everyone can support the server by paying money, but playing is also a form of support and just as important.

Among other things, the server offers the following:

- Veinminer
- A battle tower with all mega bosses
- An area for EV-training and exp training (both player and pokemon)
- Free /pokeheal and /pc for everyone
- trivia questions in chat
- hunts
- wondertrade
- kits
- playtime rank Alolan, which you get after 72 hours of playtime
- no need for breeding biomes
- hunger enabled
- enough chances on legendaries and shinies
- shopping area
- everyone can use /lg, /ll and /checkspawns legendary
- A sell to server plugin to sell pokémon you catch
- Dex rewards

Important links:
Server IP: