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By hammerheadkitty
#204809 Hello! So this might seem a little weird but me and my friends are doing a small tournament for pixelmon. We each put in $10 and go in a pixelmon survival server together, and at the end of 3 weeks we have a big tournament for the whole pot. I'm very good at pokemon itself (played competitively in X and Y) but not 100% sure how to progress in pixelmon.

So to get to the point, does anyone have any strategies for making the best team possible in the three weeks so I have a good chance at winning this tournament? Any help is super appreciated, thanks!!
By DannyTheCool
#204824 Black and Yellow Apicots for Ultra Balls is fine.
Make your house in the biomes the legendary spawns. So when your grinding exp off trainers etc, You will have a natural chance of spawning them. Leveling Meowths for Pick Up to get a chance of held items is OK but not amazing. Can keep like 3 in party and level 3 mons with Exp All

If you want items, go and run around and try to find hidden troves. They are Trees with a 3x3 hidden room with a masterball inside. That gives you TM's and held items. They have a pattern that can be seen from above that you can recognise, aswell with the way it spawns on ground. If you ever find a Portal in the sky, That will warp you to UltraSpace, where its just a variant of the server with gravity. DO NOT FLY. But you can run around there to find items the same way. Its a bit easier and fun to find items with the increased Gravity.

Recording a location of a TM seller is also good. They refresh daily.

If he hasnt activated any warp commands. Keep an Abra on you with Teleport learned. It will tp you to your bed. Useful on recon missions.

Keep a PC on you. You can break it and keep it. Healers DO NOT. But you can keep healers at places were you grind.

Exp All drops from Legendary Bosses. They are mega versions of pokemon that spawn and when killed drop their mega stone, mega bracelet and t1-2 loot.

Flattening Biomes, for example Extreme Hills is efficient for farming trainers and Pokemon. It is not needed, but the flat services makes it efficient to run around and kill pokes and spawn trainers.

Fishing is also good for EXP because it is consistent exp. Make a Good Rod, to fish out a Super Rod and the exp is good till around lvl 60. That is when trainers start becoming more efficient as they scale off your highest or your average lvl of Pokemon in team.

To spawn legendary, You can either fly up in the sky and drop a little bit to refresh the spawns on the ground or just do activities in that biome tbh. If you have teleport commands you can zip back and forth to trigger spawn chances. ... k%C3%A9mon

Wiki has the spawn locations of most pokemon. May be outdated. my Server pulls info directly from in-game, so its always 100% accurate when using the command.

Using a Pokemon with Synchronize will make it easier to get natures. If you guys care about IV's and EV's, make sure he activates the mod to show iv's or gives you permission to check IV's and EV's

Tracer can also be used to hunt Hidden Ability Pokemon. Breeding is the same as official you just need to create Ranch Blocks and use the appropriate block types to simulate breeding environments. Each block has a value, with 3 being the highest. And if the Pokemon are different types, you need to split the environment blocks 50/50 in terms of area used. So for example, half should be Fire type and other half should be Electrical type blocks.

Destiny Knots drop from Puruglys in Field Biome at Night. Power items drop from uncommon and boss mobs. You can also find them in hidden troves, pyramids, mine shaft chests etc.

I did one of these tournaments with friends too. So I am basing the settings off what we had and also the current public server im playing on. Just some small tips and ill add a TLDR. I AM ALSO bored, someone posted a link to the forum on discord and I saw this post so I decided to give some input.

In terms of team making. Check smogon or use a team you like. Try to stay away from Pokemon that use Hidden Abilities. You can use them if you want, you just have to put the time into finding them and breeding them for IV's if you want to go that far. You can still just find a HA pokemon and just scrap breeding. Or atleast breed for Natures, but even it might be overwhelming if your not used to breeding. But breeding is not that complicated, just takes time and effort.

If your into breeding, Try to get a 5/6iv FIELD egg group pokemon, as a lot of goood pokemon are field type. So you can effectively Cross Breed a iv team fairly easy. Nidoran is both Field and Monster so you can try that. They spawn quite often in Savannah Biome aswell. Its just a grindy process of cross breeding single IV's at the start. But once you got a 5iv female with respective ATK/SPATK splits, cross breeding becomes very fast. Might take a week to get 5ivs from scratch depending on RBG, but then it will take 1-2 days to get 5IV's from cross breeding.

Theory Craft a team, check Pixelmon Wiki for spawn rates to see if they spawn decently. Use Synchronize. Fish with Super Rod for Exp, or farm trainers.

or you can just run a bunch of Arons and cheese your m8's :))))))

-Black and Yellow Apricots for UltraBall
-To spawn legendary. Refresh the spawning area by flying up and down, Warping back and forth. Or just doing stuff in that area
-Keep a PC on you. Healers if you want to heal on the fly or setup a grinding spot
-Get an Abra with teleport if you don't have warp commands, keep him in the PC
-Fishing for consistent EXP. Extreme Hills for trainer and consistent high lvl spawns.
-Running around tree areas to find Hidden Loot Troves. Running around the Ultraspace to find these tree loot troves.
-DO NOT FLY in ultraspace, you go up up and up
-Running around mine shafts to find loot.
-Running around Desert biome to find pyramids for loot. WATCH OUT FOR traps.
- Same goes for temples anywhere in general, theres loot.
-Find a TM shop seller and check it regularly if you need TM's
-Trainers are best exp as they are based on your avg / highest pokemon lvl
-Pokemon with Synchronize to get Natures ( Abra is easy to find )
-Pokemon with Tracer, to find Hidden abilities
-Check Smogon for teams
-Cross reference spawn chances with pixelmon wiki. So you dont go after low chance spawns and its also important info to see their spawn locations.