By korsai
#204807 i was wondering if it would be possible to add suicune running and or walking across water like its shown in the anime and movies its featured in. i just think it would make traveling on one alot better and or faster,it could have a affect like frost walk if it would even be possible.
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By SKy2008
#204816 I could see Frost Walker as a new Move Skill, with Suicune learning it by default. Other mons would need to know ice moves like Blizzard, Icy Wind or Sheer Cold (-> cooling the area around the Pokémon), or maybe just have the Ice Body ability...
By PoryGoshua
#204863 Maybe have Kyurem and Keldeo able to use it naturally as well? Keldeo because it is also described as able to walk on water (by blasting water out of its hooves, true, but still), Kyurem for its power over ice.

There are probably others, but these two are the ones I think of off the top of my head