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By sleepyisepic32
#204806 I feel like aluminum discs are way less efficient than iron ones, bauxite is rarer than iron ore, and when you do make aluminum discs, you only get 3, while making some iron ones, gives you five for the same amount of bars. I just thought, maybe pokeballs crafted from aluminum discs could be slightly stronger than normal iron base disc ones? for example, an ultra ball would go from x2 catch rate to x2.25. Something I just thought of.
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By SKy2008
#204814 Aluminium bases were introduced because aluminium has much fewer uses than iron. After setting up a set of machines, it does very little for most players while iron is used in common tools, machines, decoration, beacon base, anvil...
It only yields 3 opposed to iron's 5 bases because the metal is weaker, so you need more of the 3 ingots to make each base stable enough. If anything I'd argue balls made from aluminium bases should be less effective, if anything. But I don't think anything in that regard will be implemented because it would just introduce more complexity and depart from the core games' mechanics.