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By bencrow11

Where to get us
Version: 8.0.2

About us!
Everything is Completely Free!
NPC and Player Gyms
Regular Events
Vote Shop
Battle Tree

Everything Completely Free!
This server was created with a completely free to play server in mind. This means we have no Pay To Win aspects at all! While we do take donations from players willing to do so, nobody can gain any advantage over anyone else through payments. All of our donations recieved are completely out of generosity with it all going towards the cost of the server aswell as future plugins! What does this mean for you?

This means that, unlike other Pixelmon servers, we have all quality of life commands free to all players who join. Everyone is on the same playing field with no players having any form of upperhand over anyone else.

A few commands these include are:

We have a dedicated team of Gym Leaders ready for you the moment you join! Take on the challenge of completing our gym system against some incredibly strong and fierce pokemon battlers to win a variety of different prizes as well as a reputation!

Not only do we have our player gyms. We also have our NPC gyms! New to competitive pokemon? try out or NPC gyms for a little practice to warm yourself up for the challenge of the Gym Leaders!

Regular Events
We have many server-run events on a weekly basis! From Pokemon Catching Contests to Competitive Battles, there's something for everyone! With our own events team, we can tailor the events to suit what you want to see! Not only do we have our weekly events, we also have events for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and many more! Not to mention our boosted spawn weekends, where all legendaries, Ultra Beats and Shinies have a higher chance to spawn!

Ever caught that legendary that just isn't quite right? Well feel free to change it until it's perfect! Costing in game money, you can now edit your pokemon as you please. Change the IVs and Nature to be prepared for battle or give yourself that shiny you've always wanted with just the click of a button!

Vote Shop
Everytime you vote in game, not only do you get money but you also get a vote point (1 per site). These can be used in the /voteshop which has a variety of different goods such as money, legendary spawning items, aminated statues and much more! You won't want to miss out so be sure to get started as soon as you begin!

We have a Minecraft MMO plugin on our server! This allows you to gain rewards as you level up specific skills such as woodcutting, mining, pokemon breeding and so much more. These rewards are great for a little passive reward and all you have to do is play the game!

Welcome to PokéSplash!
Not only do we have a bunch of amazing aspects to this server. The most important one is our attitude! Having a vibrant and creative community as well as a friendly, approachable staff team is a recipe for a good time!

Not only does our community make us such a great place to join. We are actively working towards a variety of new plugins all the time, aswell as looking for ways continuously to improve and expand our server!

So after all of this, why not check us out?