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By marines4ever
#204264 Pixelmon Universe

Currently recruiting members for the following:

Gym Leaders
Lore Writers

These positions are unpaid, in the future builders may be paid for things they have built. You may either earn shop credits or paid real money based on what you want.
Payment is not guaranteed either. All positions require Discord as well and preferably 16+ years of age. Exceptions can be made for age, Voice is highly preferred.

Gym Leaders
Currently looking for 5 gym leaders for the following Gyms
Water | Grass | Fire | Rock | Electric
Most spend a week on the server to be eligible and fill out the gym leader application.

Must submit a portfolio of previous/current builds completed/in-complete builds.
Terraforming is also considered but must be able to build any style build such as Modern, Medieval, Fantasy, Nordic.... etc.

Must spend a week on the server, have played Pixelmon in the past and familiar with the mod. Knowledgeable about the server and mod as well to answer most if not all questions someone may have about them.

Lore Writers
Looking for people to develop the server Lore for the Survival as well as Adventure server that is to come in the future.
Will help with writing up quest lines and/or history/back stories revolving around NPCs and Characters.

Contact Me
For more information feel free to join the Discord >> <<
Check out the Forums Here >> <<

By Vis
#205507 Sounds interesting. I have never actually played on a server before, but I do have a lot of cool ideas for gym designs, mostly for a water type gym, but not sure if I would have the time to be a gym leader. About how many hours and at what times would you need gym leaders to be on?