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By Altier
#204121 Welcome to Altiernation!
A Fairly New Small and Simple Survival Server running Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.5 - Hosted in the US (East Coast)
Currently we are a relatively small server that has recently opened up to the public.


Discord: Https://
I highly recommend joining our Discord server as that will be where all announcements for updates + events will be posted at.

Our server features some of the following:
-Daily Tournaments
-A Safari Zone
-Custom Shopkeepers
-Wonder Trading
-A Game Corner
-Grief Prevention + Locks
-Ultra Space
-Riding/Flying/Surfing Enabled
-Keep Inventory
-Daily Rewards
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By Altier
#204214 A bit of an update:
We've grown somewhat and now have a fairly decent-sized community.
-A Safari Zone has been added.
-The levels of many of the Wild Pokemon have been adjusted to scale up into the 60s and 90s.
-Daily Tournaments have been added. Each tournaments runs at 5AM and 5PM EST.