By Dopy274
#203967 Hi, I don't know if this would be extremely difficult or even possible, but I think giving Pixelmon the option to have its own dimension would be awesome. I would really like to play Pixelmon in highly modded games, without it taking over the modpack. I think that going to dimension that is just a normal Pixelmon overworld where only Pokemon and Pixelmon Structures can spawn.

Thank you not only for reading this, but for making such an amazing and gigantic mod.
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By XpanD
#203972 If you enable the Better Spawner Config in the main config, the mod will create a file where you can tweak dimensions things spawn in. That part should be doable.

Structures are a bit more involved, but could probably be done by pre-generating a world and then importing it somehow. This would likely involve running a server, but could work.