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By weezact7
#203630 Does anyone have any experience with Pixelmon Reforged?

It's allegedly the continuation of the Pixelmon mod, but I can't find any sort of information discussing if it's official (obviously, it's legally distinct for reasons), if it's the same dev team, if someone reverse-engineered the code, etc.

It also looks like it's for Technic which I heard the pm dev team had issues with.
By weezact7
#203770 Pretty sweet news! Of course, I know it's not an "official" reboot because that would be just as illegal as continuing onward, but I meant was it an "endorsed" reboot, something with the support of the original team, or at least a quality-made fan continuation and it sounds like it's pretty much all three of those things. I'll definitely go check that out and let my group know that there's still hope for future content.

Honestly, losing Pixelmon was pretty much what put the final nail in the coffin of Minecraft for me (at least until a few weeks ago) so it's good to know that my favorite mod might still be seeing more love.

I know the original team had problems with the Tekkit dev team or something (I was never clear on the details and there's no reason to explain them now), but I fucking hated that PM launcher. It never worked right for me. Not once. I always just ran the server and client stuff without it. So, I find it hard to believe this new launcher could be worse.
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By XpanD
#203777 The mod's definitely seeing more love, with the next update being the one that's going to add the first batch of gen 7. Can't wait for that one! ;-)

As for the launcher... Technic has a lot of weird issues for some people, more so than the original launcher ever did. It does work pretty well when it works, though. ATLauncher is currently the preferred platform, although that's a pretty new development.