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By MaybeToothless
#200297 Why after 3 or 4 years does Gamefreak and Nintendo finally step in and say you can't make this. What I want to find out from Nintendo and Gamefreak is if they can take over the mod so people can continue to have fun playing with the mod. Also I want to know how much it costs to use the names and models of the pokemon that became pixelmon. After point stated frick nintendo!

- MaybeToothless
By MCGamerDad
#200306 I can't speak to anything on any illegalities that may or may not have occurred causing the reasons the Pokemon Corporation has forced their hand on this community of developers. It is sad, especially when an enthusiastic group of people devote their own time, skill and resources to making a product freely available with a kind request that people might donate (and unless I'm being totally naive) more than anything to cover their cost of web hosting. That, I recognize, is a complete sidebar discussion in and of itself.

From my viewpoint, and again I might not be seeing all the angles, is the short-sightedness of the Pokemon Corporation in this action. My daughter, then me, then her younger sister ONLY got into Pokemon through the multiple YouTube videos of people playing Pixelmon through Minecraft. She got into it from people local in our community who also play Pixelmon. What has followed from here is that both my daughters have sought out books on Pokemon, trading cards, posters, an eevee from Build-A-Bear with a Pikachu likely forthcoming and other Pokemon licensed items from which they receive commanding royalties. Now when you multiply this by the vast numbers of other families whose kids (and parents) play who only also got into this through Pixelmon and buy several licensed products that Pokemon Corp benefits from, it makes it even more shortsighted on their part.

Hats off to all tremendously talented and gifted folks who collaborated to develop these products. Like others who've commented above, I too would like to see the final 5.1.2 version, not just for selfish enjoyment, but also as a credit to those who have dedicated their energies for the enjoyment of others.
By SevenFangs
#200309 I would like to also note Mojang has become territorial lately as well...not only that...but Microsoft owns mojang..and minecraft. So using Nintendo products and content on a Microsoft owned program...that could also be creating issues....especially because they are competitors...and Microsoft is much more dangerous to the pokemon company and Nintendo. If THEY don't comply.
By MCGamerDad
#200319 I understand Seven. But a couple of add'l thoughts here. First, wouldn't you think that as long as Pixelmon has been in continual development that Pokemon Corp would have taken an action or some kind of "cease and desist" thing much earlier on. So, why all of a sudden now? Second, as many people that enjoy the Pixelmon mod as there are, wouldn't you think that Pokemon, Mojang / Microsoft and developers as gifted as these are creating Pixelmon could collaborate to develop a system that all could profit from.

No one is going to sit back and convince me that Mojang hasn't added a few memberships and Pokemon hasn't garnered additional merchandise purchases and royalties as a result of the creation of Pixelmon.

Plus, when you think of all the other popular platform mods (like Lego as an example) that sit on top of Minecraft adding to the additional profiting of everyone else except the developer, I can't help but think of the opportunity to be made by all. Overall, more times than not, the lack of collaboration leads to competition.
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By SKy2008
#200344 Well they did confirm a future MMO style Pokémon game recently - so we probably suddenly became competition for them. Before the main selling point was the expansion of the general concept; new Pokémon and features. We limited ourselves to one gen behind and thus were no real treat for the sales.
However with the new game the main selling point will most likely be an open world with Pokémon freely roaming around in it. So pretty much what Pixelmon did. And for the sake of keeping their sales high they eliminated it. The number of Pixelmon players that might not buy that game now is much lower than those that could have gained knowledge and switched to us once the first trailers hit - and potentially stick with it and not buy theirs etc. Also better to get rid of it now, before it might get even more attention, which would make it an even bigger shock in the community...

In the end the little bit of money they might potentially maybe make off of Pixelmon players buying some merch - or the few people who wouldn't have bought an original game without this mod - doesn't compare to the money they could lose out on if we kept going...

(Also this is just my own theories, nothing official.)
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By MrVioletRose
#200381 Personally I wouldn't buy a Nintendo gamefreak created Pokemon mmo. I would assume it would become plagued with many of the tropes and problems that turn me away from the main series games.
By alphanumericer
dracodemon wrote:
Let\s see where everything went wrong here:
Profiting off of pokemon by "mangafox" to be non-profit, yet has never filled out a 503 to be legitimate, so tax evasion is possible here
Deliberately coding your mod to mess with another launcher in favor of your own
BANNING people from your discord if a person is even remotely RELATED to said launcher

I was expecting it to shut down :-D

can you say anything without trying to sound like an absolute twat? :x :x