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By AsylumDreams
#167386 Upcoming poll topics.
I'll leave them as just a list to see if we can inspire some new ideas rather than my definitions.

Gym format
Gym types
Elite format
Elite types
Post-Champion areas
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By Jack_Attack12
#167622 Professor- Bonsi/Blackthorne (sticking with a tree theme feels like a necessity!)

Starters- it gets tricky because I feel like starting with starters from other regions will make you feel like you are in the typical region. Here are some suggestions I've thought of, Poliwag, maril, seedot, sewadle, magbi, vulpix. But if I had to pick a gen it would probably be sinnoh or johto starters

Gym types- Normal, ground/Rock, grass, fire, electric, water, flying, Dragon

Elite types- flying, poison, fighting, dark and the champion being a red like character with different types

Post-Champion areas- Maybe a forest where some of the Pokemon you couldn't get in map would spawn? There was a place like this in unova.