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By mavina555
#152662 Welcome to Dynamic Pixelmon Reforged! This is a updated map of the classic Dynamic Pixelmon Server. This map has gone through a series of updates, and are still being worked on ! We have a wild world where you will be able to build, and create your own towns, or live isolated from people if you would wish. The server is loaded with plugins like RedProtect to claim ownership of land, and prevent griefing. The server is still in reconstruction so expect some time before the main events, and community to regrow.

Join With Pixelmon Reforged Technic Pack


Server Ip:

Some Pictures of the Map:

Additional Notes:
Server is still in construction so please be patient with the configuration of the plugins.

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By mavina555
#153767 I have the map somewhere on my desktop. I am not home though. I am enlisted military so i do not have access to it . That is why we are building a new map. Once I get access though I will probably try to reopen the old map. I just do not know when I will have access to my desktop to go through and find the files.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#153888 Seems like a pretty nice server, i'll check it out when i get pixelmon working again. Love the use of Custom NPC's with Pixelmon, and the build pictures look great. And i've been looking for a new NPC/Pixelmon Server after the old one i played on went down.