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By Multiplegeowgie
#133572 Greetings fellow Pixelmon Players,
Something i have personally noticed is that it is becoming even more rare to find a good adventure server for Pixelmon where there are things to do. Most Pixelmon servers consist of a typically generated Minecraft world with maybe a few towns for people to visit. What i am aiming for here is something truly wishful. I've already been through the preparation stage of mapping out the world as it stands and have made it on World Painter, the final thing i now require is a team of builders to use their imagination to shape the world of Jeado (The name of the map) in what they see to be fitting.

There are some requirements you must have before you can join the server though as it of course runs the Pixelmon Mod, for this you will need to go through the installation process of downloading Minecraft forge for Minecraft 1.7.10 and download the currently version of Pixelmon that we are using which is Pixelmon 3.2.

Do you wish to help develop the new Pixelmon server? If so copy out the questions below, fill them in, and reply to this thread, i will be monitoring the thread and will also be accepting those who wish to help and allow them to build.

[Interested? Please fill out the following with your Information and post it as a reply]
Minecraft Username:
Skype Username (If Any):
How long you have played Minecraft:
Have you ever playing a Pokemon Game?:
If above is answered yes, which Games?:

Once the map is fully built and server goes public with Web Hosting i plan to reward those involved in Building/Helping Heavily, as the restrictions to the Minecraft EULA no longer allow donations for specific perks anymore i am planning to introduce a membership system into the server where you must be a member to play/or atleast access most of the features. Like most games/services such as Xbox Live etc... This would cost no more than $3.49 a month, but regardless those who help build will get a free membership period, the length of which depends on how much work they have done, starting at a minimum of one-month of free membership. As well as this there will be a host of other rewards for those who wish to stick around for a while and play also such as Exclusive in-game titles, free rare Pokemon and so on.

If you wish to find out more about the server itself you can check out this forum post here: ... n-amethyst

I highly anticipate hearing you responses. After building has finished i will also be looking to recruit staff members.

The IP for this server is:

Below are some of my Contact details:
Minecraft Username: Multiplegeowgie
Skype Name: Multiplegeowgie (If you are adding me please include that you are regarding to help build on the server or that is how you heard of me)
Xbox Live Gamertag: Multiplegeowgie
Email Address: [email protected]

-Thank you for your time! :)

By BBot4Life
#133573 Minecraft Username: BBot4Life
Age: 14
Skype Username (If Any): bungle992
Timezone/Country: UTC +0 England
Language: English
How long you have played Minecraft: Over 3 years
Have you ever playing a Pokemon Game?: Yes
If above is answered yes, which Games?: All the main series games released so far and a few non-main series ones.
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By Multiplegeowgie
#133574 Thank you for your interest! You have been added to the record, you may also log in at any time to help build but there is currently not enough builders to be split into teams and allocated an objective.