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By Snow
#116951 I would make mew real
and also snorlax because he can replace honey boo boo when the show gets cancelled :P

By 1Charak2
#117258 (why give Spg Palkia he would have control of the material realm he could become a god :o)

for the hell of it Zorua Apartment pet and I can prank friends :)
#118022 Rayquaza.

-Can fly on it
-Can REK stuff
-He's a dragon
-I can HB2TF* anyone, at anytime. All I need is The Ball

*Hyper Beam To The Face
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By AURAvulpes
#118856 I'd have a jolteon, in the real world Jolteon would be so useful in many ways.. some uses for good, some uses for bad..

Jolteon can charge electrical devices, start camp fires with sparks of electricity, Jolteon can even save lives by acting like defibrillator if someones heart stops, would be the best for catching fish in lakes and stuff.. ZAP xD, An electric fox that can summon lightning at will? best body guard ever :) and most importantly, be the best companion ever :D

If jolteon focuses enough jolteon can even erase memories and stuff by disrupting the bio-electrical signals in another beings brain, or even make someone in intense pain by mimicking the same electrical signals the brain receives from the nerves when in intense pain.. due to the fact jolteon can control electricity.. Jolteon can shut down anything that uses electricity by discharging it, leaving any electrical device vulnerable..
By Zero3Delta
#129299 I would choose Absol, even though most of it's Badass factor comes from misunderstandings...(It simply senses disasters, it doesn't cause them). It can warn me instantly of any impending danger, and looks pretty hug-able... And mega-Absol is just awesome.
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By CrazyQuilman157
1Charak2 » 13 Mar 2014 09:01 wrote:i would have Arceus

Then all other pokes can be real :D

This is genius in concept, but Arceus is only said to create the Creation and Lake trios, and no one knows where Mew came from, but we do know Mew came later, because Arceus came from nothingness.