By Waterboyr
#92956 Granted but when you first try to create things like cars or something you turn into that thing and you don' know this before you do, so you could be a rock for 100 years. Or maybe forever until your mined. And then become a chair and be sat on for the rest of eternity.

I wish I could become anything whenever I want.

By Lifegrasp180
#92983 Granted but you never chose what you wanted to change into and never knew when.

i wish i wouldn't die from injury or disease just from living my full lifespan.
By Waterboyr
#93066 (Dude I would still love my wish even if it was like that. If I turned into a god I could cure myself. Other things like that so I WIN MWAHAHAH!)

Granted but your sucked through a worm hole.

I wished I could live in the Mass Effect world.
By Lifegrasp180
#93086 (Yeah I had second thoughts about that corruption wish especially since it was you.)

Granted but a husk eats your face off.

I wish i weilded the real master sword
By Waterboyr
#93310 Granted but they can't handle it and you get stuck in an endless loop forever or explode.

I wish I could take 2 second showers.
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By Rzxa
#93382 Granted but the water is acid
I wish to go inside a megaman game
By Waterboyr
#93488 Granted but you have no helmet and your shooter arm malfunctions and you'll start banging on it or shaking it and it will explode.
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By Blaster
#93492 And you get stuck in Quick man's Stage with no exit
I wish I had a more powerful computer so that I could run more mods in Minecraft with out getting "Out of Memory Errors"
By Waterboyr
#93503 (Sorry I forgot to wish lol)

Granted but even on single player a hacker herobrine trolls you even on other games EVEN ON OTHER COMPUTERS OR SYSTEMS!!!

I wish I had unlimited Barqs rootbeer.