By Lettucecow
#74242 Where are we going? You know what scratch that, where are we NOW? I just woke up here out of nowhere..

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By Rzxa
#74319 Why there is a rain above me
Bob Bob was confused
So he take time to use his logical sense
*reading a book*
Clouds blah blah blah.........
By Waterboyr
#74407 "All I remember is this big war and my memory is kinda fuzzy... I can't remember much about my life, and nothing about my family or friends. I remember being in some building with other kids and then everyone started screaming and like there were like 500 hundred kids. Like me and some other kids were standing around and we suddenly realized people were walking towards us. We all scattered and everyone else was running but they were coming for the people standing. Two people chased me but only one chased the others... Every kid screamed. Some didn't know where to go and were running everywhere. But they only seemed focused on us. People ran past me left and right, I couldn't see much. Suddenly kids in front and behind me fell, dead or alive, I don't know, but they fell. Everyone shoved now and didn't care about each other. Suddenly the men were in front of me and behind me, and I found the kids were hurt or dead. The people grabbed me and out of the kids that stood there and hesitated I was the first to get captured. And then I went black and woke up here alone and have been here for a month... And when I woke up they told me I had the most memory and the others didn't know anything about their lives. And that we were chosen and should be proud. And that we might... die. I think... I'm supposed to be in charge here but... It's like a test. A horrible test. I think that other guy could be evil or someone the sent. Well whoever sent us here is evil so... Well basically this is not good." I take a deep breath and sigh. "So that about sum everything up for you?"
By Lettucecow
#74422 Yeah..but why would they bring me here? I fail at everything I do! The only strength I have us mental! Maybe i'm the brains of the group?
By Waterboyr
#74723 "You have a tough wand... Your obviously not the brains... Well... Lets see what you can do. Lets sneak into the concrete basement. It's a training room. Then we can come out and take this guy Harry Potter style."
I go downstairs and shut the big concrete and metal door/
"Okay so here is how this will work. I will attack you and you will attack ack. And we will try not to kill each other on accident. GO!"
I yell the last part before he answers and fling light at him.

You feel:
Suddenly you feel as if the world hates you. You are nothing.

"And now I..."
I send a send a lightning bolt straight toward you and it set fire to your surroundings.
By Lettucecow
#74724 ......*Cough* [I collapse] Well....your obviously the powerhouse.....
By Waterboyr
#74727 "No... I'm the smart one."
I put out the fire using a water spell.
(See I'm peace I have destruction spells and spells to fix destruction)
"Now... Lets find out your power. Don't use that book. It should come naturally."
I create a storm cloud which rushes toward Jason and engulfs him. He can only see the cloud which he is in and lightning is everywhere.
By Lettucecow
#74732 AHHHHHH! [I yell out some words and a beam of ice explodes from my wand destroying the cloud] Hey I did that! AWESOME! [5 ice chunks fall from the sky and hit me on the head] Ugh...the universe hates me...
By Waterboyr
#74749 *It is then seen that I a laying on the ground flipping, with electricity going off me
"Yeah, I-I-I-I-I-I--I-I--I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-ii-I----ii-I--I-I-I-I-I-I--ittt-t-t--tt-t-I-I-ti-I-ti-ti-i-ti-t-iti-it h-h-h-ate me too!"
(RZXA your turn to post...)
By Lettucecow
#75299 [your turn rxza :/]