By Waterboyr
#74414 "everyone is going to die... Seven hundred thousand pages of explanation?"
*throws book out windows and it kills someone
"Well basically blah blah you need to go save world and you get paid the end go now right now!"
*kicks them out.
"Wait what King? I have to go with them?"
*get kicked out on top of them.

By Lettucecow
#74426 We get paid???? [My yes light up with dollar signs like in the cartoons] hehehehhe....I'll take the cash then rob this place! Double score!
By Waterboyr
#74731 *SHoots arrow in front of his head
"No. You won't."
By Lettucecow
#74735 [That was me thinking not saying it outloud]
By Waterboyr
#74750 You should've said so so carry on.
"Okay guys lets um go kill people now. Comprehend idiots?"
By Lettucecow
#74807 Idiots? You must be mistaken heheheheh...
By Waterboyr
#75024 "Yeah lets just teleport with elf magic oh yeah forgot because one of us, and I'm not saying names, even though we all know who, is the criminal who destroyed the teleportation world."
"So yeah. Whatever."
(I'm kind of like a modern whatever type of guy. Like that half jerk person.)
"And you will probably all die and I'll have to save you and end up killing this criminal and we will fight some aliens and crap so lets just go already."
*starts sprinting randomly in the way they are supposed to go
"Try to keep up."
By Lettucecow
#75030 Who me? Heh, Not a chance...
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By Rzxa
#75032 You Know Acting like a Jerk wouldn't do anything!
Flame was on top of a tree
Flame falls down
I do wanna be lazy as I can and just fix the teleport
But oh well we do need to save the world as fast as we can
Flame then run very fast passing Waterboyr ( forgot your name)
Well keeping up with you is easy yeah!