By Lettucecow
#70751 Well...there goes your lackeys, its just us and you now! GO EVERYONE! [I sent out snorlax,ludicolo,hydregion,sceptile,heracross,squirtle,armaldo,lugia,bannete and charizard] Lets teach you a lesson!

By Waterboyr
#70962 "You won't... Do you think we wouldn't build a failure plan?"
I pull out something and press a button.
Unova explodes.
Hoenn explodes.
In Kanto and Johto cities burn.
"And your parents... Are really in a new organization. Team Rocket turned out to be pawns too. And they... own Dialga. Palkia. Garintina. Not Arceus... But they do. They own me too.
And with that... the distortion world explodes and while everyone escapes... I stand there and become engulfed in the flames and send my pokemon out to escape with everyone.
Sinnoh is full of riots.

I then am...
And the rockets lay defeated but...
Sam's parents and Jason's old raticate are no where to be seen.
By Lettucecow
#70966 [Um..exploding the regions? No I have plans to coninue the RP visiting another region down the line so no, and I never had a raticate and no new organzation. Sorry but that post was WAY to off color sorry :/]
By Waterboyr
#70970 (First: I exploded only too just say some cities burned maybe? I added a new organization that Sam's parents were behind of, the real masterminds of everything. Remember earlier I said your old raticate and you never said no to it then I said I had it and showed it to you it was a big part of the plot... But I think I should still die...)
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By Umbreon1110
#70983 ( You could come in as a new character )
Arceus stared, a bit panicked
Arceus: " The distortion world maintained balance between this world, and the distortion world.. With it gone, well... This world is going to disappear... I would need to create it again, but that would take days... We have only a few hours left now... "
Arceus walked over to Tsubasa's body and Arceus began to glow a bit. A light enveloped the two, and Tsubasa was gone.
Arceus: " I sent him to my dimension, which is sorta like heaven, but I would of sent him to the distortion world if it was still here. And controlling the Creation Trio? Well, they were caught again, I suppose.. "
Three balls of light appeared, and a new Dilaga, Palkia and Giratina appeared. Arceus sent the Dialga and Palkia to their dimensions, so time and space would not fall, and Giratina and Arceus began creating a new distortion world..
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By killthepast
#71114 Lochlain: My home is gone!

Go Mewtwo! put out the fire with psychic!

*makes a giant whirlpool and throws it at kanto and johto, putting out the fires*

(forget i said this now)
By Lettucecow
#71175 [I never said you couldn't die :P, and miner a giant whirlpool? Seriously? Stop making yourself too overpowerd please :/]
By Waterboyr
#71267 (I mean no one should even try to save the regions in the first place... THey will save themselves... It doesn't fit into the storyline well... So lettuce what dd you approve in my recent post?)