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By Rzxa
#71073 Pokemon a magical place where creatures called pokemon live happily together but do you know what happened in the past?
During Pbbc 1. There was dragons,ogres,and all other creature Volcanos are erupting during this time it was a dangerous place for pokemon they can only learn one move but they need to wait a long time to charge the move
They have to use weapons like boomerangs,swords,and bows
But there is one legend about a group called the ............ And I will fortold their story

[highlight]The App
Move:(only one)
Weapons :
Armor:(means clothing)
Appearance :
[highlight]My App
Pokemon: Charmeleon
Move: Fire Blast
Weapons: a boomerang and a bow (and by the way we can use dual weapons )
Armor:Red Cloak, Brown leather clothing,and ragged shoes
Personality: Funny,makes jokes even in a fight, boastful , and cares for his friends[/highlight]
Ok first person accepted start first!

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By MinerKombat1557
#71112 Pokemon: Samurott
Move:(only one) hydro pump
Weapons : His Swords (doesn't count as razor shell)
Armor:(means clothing) Traditional Samuri armour
Appearance : Normal with a scar on his horn
Personality: Serious, Focused and likes to fight
By Lettucecow
#71178 Pokemon:grovyle
Move:(only one):energy ball
Weapons : His dagger and a bow and arrow
Armor:(means clothing) armor made of light but durable wood
Appearance :normal grovyle but has a scar around his eyes
Personality:serious, calm, intelligent,

[I'm usually the funny so i'm changing it up a bit so now i'm the serious one :P]
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By Rzxa
#71190 *boom*
"the Castle just exploded "
*hits the ground*
That Bandit! He have to use self destruct inside the Castle
*Charmeleon was tired from the explosion of the castle*
Hmm ....
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By Umbreon1110
#71196 Pokemon: Eelektross
Move: Zap cannon
Weapons: His claws, a sword, and in rare cases
Armor: Metal plates on his back and tail, Helmet with a blue gem
Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Easily gets mad, Hates looing, Serious, and usually very cautious.
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By Umbreon1110
#71695 I watched the explosion from a nearby cliff.
Eelektross: " Whatever. Not my problem. But there maybe some useful stuff there. Eh, I'll just take a look.
I climbed down, and began approaching, not noticing Charmeleon yet.