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By KuryoZT
#67633 Well, that's a great model all right.
But it kinda looks better in the pic than the ones before. Why? Because of the lines.
The sprite and the artwork both have Regice shown with black lines all around its body, in the same places as the white lines in the last pic. And I think it would look better with them. But that might just be my opinion.

Oh, and re-read what you wrote, because its missing "arms", but except the "eyes". See what I'm talking about? :D
I can see arms.
By Josecami
#67636 Derpy me XD I'll edit it later. By the way it looks weird maybe because the material I used (Blinn instead Lambert) and about the black lines I think the sprotes got it so you can see better the sides, image if dont it would look like a paper :3
By karrybird
#67653 i agree with the first post, but i wouldn't say to put lines in, but shade it in a way to imply that it is actually ice and not one completely solid object.