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By jeremy58589721
#31528 once Gen 1 is finished and you guys start putting in other gens... how will starters be handled? i mean will there be a option to scroll through all the starter types.. all the grass/water/fire starters via arrow buttons? or will you just add them onto the list? or will there not be a option to choose any other starter gens? and just have to hunt for them in the wild?
By jeremy58589721
#31682 Edit-

well i read all the comments in that post and didnt once see anything about my question pop up... but i guess i can just recomment it in that post.
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By Tom_X
#31781 If you didn't, then here you go:
As far as I'm concerned (SPG, need you here) the plan with the starters will be like it is now, just that with more options to choose from. And I guess they'll appear in the wild.
By jeremy58589721
#31783 ok cool. i was just curious i knew they would appear in the wild but was just curious to if there would be a option to pick from them on the start. thank you much sir :D