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By caleb53575
#243375 I like the idea of an item or something to let you change the Pokeball that a Pokemon is in without cheats.

There should, however, be a was to know that it's ball was changed, so you can still brag about catching a Beldum in a regular Pokeball without someone saying you changed the ball.

You could have to have the ball in your inventory that you want to change to, and it would be consumed.

Maybe there could be an upgrade to the basic one that also gives you back the ball that it was originally in.

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By SKyTheThunder
#243378 Could make it something akin to Gen4's "Capsules", which allow you to apply certain cosmetic effects to a Pokéball.

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That would effectively give you an item that - among other things - can change the look of the Pokémon's Ball to any of the existing ones, without changing what Ball is actually registered for it. That way you also avoid things like people switching to Luxury Balls after catch to get the passive effect...