Do you enjoy playing with mods that make inventory management easy such as Inventory Tweaks?

By forkingbench
#222673 Hi. I've added Pixelmon to a private non-commercial pack to play with friends who love it. However its inventory UI seems to be incompatible with lots of "Quality of Life" mods (for example: Inventory Tweaks, Mouse Tweaks etc). I can only get those other mods to work when I am using chests, or other inventories that don't have the Pixelmon UI.

I'm suggesting a config option to allow players to separate the Pixelmon UI from the regular inventory and instead press a different button (e.g. 'p') to open the pixelmon UI.

I guess another solution would be to fix your inventory controls to not interfere with other mods, or add compatibility to those mods, but I feel this would be a much easier option.

Hopefully you accept my suggestion, as I currently find playing with the pixelmon mod to be absolutely infuriating.