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By eVisper
#217517 Embark on a Legendary Pixelmon Adventure!

Welcome to the LPIB Pixelmon server, where the Pokémon world comes to life in a breathtaking 16,000 by 16,000 block custom map. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Pixelmon RPG MMO experience, meticulously crafted to offer trainers an unprecedented journey filled with challenges, discoveries, and camaraderie.

Explore a Vast Custom Map:
Roam freely across our expansive custom map, carefully designed to capture the essence of the Pokémon universe. From dense forests to towering mountains, every corner of our world invites exploration, with hidden treasures, rare Pokémon spawns, and secrets awaiting those who dare to venture.

26 Towns, 26 Gym Leaders:
Challenge your skills against the best! Our server features an impressive roster of 26 towns, each guarded by a skilled gym leader. Face off against these formidable opponents, test your strategy, and earn badges as you progress on your path to becoming a Pokémon Master.

Pixelmon Modpack on Curseforge:
Dive into the world of Pokémon with enhanced graphics, new features, and a host of creatures from all generations. The modpack enriches your adventure, making every encounter and battle a unique and thrilling experience.

Connect and Join the Community:
Join our community of Pokémon enthusiasts! Connect with fellow trainers on our Discord server, where you can share tips, coordinate events, and engage in lively discussions about all things Pokémon.

How to Join:
Simply connect to our server at The journey to become a Pokémon Master begins with a single step into the pixelated wilderness of LPIB Pixelmon!

Don't Miss Out!
Whether you're a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon journey, LPIB Pixelmon offers an unparalleled adventure. Come for the Pokémon, stay for the community, and leave as a legend. Your destiny awaits on LPIB Pixelmon - where the bonds between trainers and Pokémon are forged in the fires of adventure!