By CocoaBoo
#217025 I assume you plan to remake the current flight system (because it is not even arguably "okay"), so I would love to suggest the idea of having immersive flight. Simply put, I think the speed a pokemon moves through the sky should be set by their speed stats. Also, consider this same concept for water and land mounts. This concept could also give players a reason to get better and better-flying Pokemon.

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By SKyTheThunder
#217033 The speed stat doesn't describe pure movement speed in Pokémon, but is an amalgamation of cruising speed, reaction time, impulsiveness, temperament, acceleration, temporary top speed, and sometimes more abstract aspects as well (like teleportation being factored into it). Purugly running faster than Liepard makes little sense, with its speed stat more based on the unpredictibility of some cats.

And you'd have to apply that scale to wild Pokémon as well - meaning the difference would have to be very small so you'd actually have a chance to catch up to Pokémon, and legendaries don't just zoom off the moment they spawn in...