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By 9Tales
#216038 This is heavily related to my suggestion for Ultra Jungle Pepper Vines. Basically, this is an alternate idea for an Ultra Jungle hazard that I think might work out a bit better than the peppers.

I recently found out that Cocoa pods can be found on the logs of Ultra Jungle trees, and I think that they could be replaced with these Ultra Jungle Cocoa pods. The Ultra Jungle Cocoa pods would show up commonly on Ultra Jungle Logs. The pods might be dark brown with horizontal red stripes, or maybe they would just be reddish. I don't care what they look like as long as they look nice.

Touching a fully-grown Ultra Jungle Cocoa pod would set you on fire, put the burn status on your whole party, and give you an achievement called "Ultra Hot Cocoa". Breaking the pods would drop Ultra Jungle Cocoa Beans, which you can plant on Ultra Jungle Logs. Like regular cocoa beans, you could use Ultra Jungle Cocoa Beans to craft cookies, brown dye, and Sweet Hearts. You could even have Ultra Jungle Cocoa Beans and regular Cocoa Beans be the same item, and whether they grow the normal Cocoa pods or the scorching Ultra Jungle Cocoa pods depends on whether you plant them on Jungle Logs or Ultra Jungle Logs.

If you decide that Ultra Jungle Cocoa Beans are their own item, then you may also be able to use Ultra Jungle Cocoa Beans to craft Ultra Beast Lures that increase the spawn rate of Ultra Beasts by 2.5x or 5x depending on strength, if you liked that idea from the Ultra Jungle Pepper Vines suggestion post. Otherwise, ignore this paragraph.