By Nhox
#216036 I would like to suggest a more fitting spawn location for Dreepy.
I always quite enjoyed being able to find the pokémons that I should expect from certain environments (insects in forests, etc..) but Dreepy's spawn location really doesn't seem to match the pokédex entries from the main games :

-Pokémon Sword
After being reborn as a ghost Pokémon, Dreepy wanders the areas it used to inhabit back when it was alive in prehistoric seas.

-Pokémon Scarlet
In the evening, groups of Dreepy will fly at high speeds over the ocean and poke at Pokémon in the water for fun.

-Pokémon Violet
It has a habit of biting at Clauncher even though it doesn't feed on them. This is said to be vestigial behavior from when Dreepy was alive.

I understand that this is far from being a priority, but currently it is set to spawn only in Savannas and Evil biomes which seems a bit unexpected for me.

As always, thanks to every member of the staff for this great mod.

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By SKyTheThunder
#216037 tbf, the prehistoric seas we know of are now all on land. (Mostly because doing paleontology at the bottom of the ocean is really hard.) Also "Evil" just has a lot of various Ghost types in general.

With those descriptions they would make sense in oceanic biomes or beaches. Could work as a rare night time flying spawn.
With emissive textures enabled, their glowy blue tails would look pretty spooky flying across the sea at night.