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By Corcustos
#205988 Currently while you're in a battle hostiles ignore your existence and don't come after you until the battle has ended. I'd like to suggest extending that to while you are waiting through an evolution and while your pokemon is learning a move. This would allow server owners to better integrate the survival threat alongside pixelmon without having to worry about players not being able to defend themselves during evos and move learning. I know not many servers really even bother with hostiles, probably not enough to warrant a change like this, but for the ones that want to I think this would help improve their experience. Figured I'd throw the suggestion out there anyway.

By Maelken
#215336 Hello! Great feature request, thank you so much for trying to get this implemented already. I'm sad to see that this has yet to be acknowledged.

As of March 2023, this is still an issue. The mob ignorance ends way too early.

As an example, this goes beyond just evolution and move learning. When a pixelmon battle finishes, meaning when the enemy pixelmon has fainted. All vanilla mobs can attack you, but the problem is, you as the player am unable to defend yourself. Because you are either still claiming your loot, watching your pixelmon evolve (While which the camera is also not actually watching your pixelmon, but that is another issue) or you are teaching your pixelmon a new move. This needs to be fixed.

Developers, this issue was brought up almost three years ago and has yet to be noted. Please ask someone to make a mod for this or implement a config option as a way to change the "grace" periode, meaning the period while mobs ignore you during a pixelmon battle. The current setting makes no sense.

I'm sorry that this message might have given OP some hope that it would finally be implemented, but hopefully this works as a wake up call to catch some attention.