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By BlaaawZ
#215256 Hello there, I have 2 questions (PS : I play pixelmon in 1.16.5 with biome o plenty on a BisectHosting server)

1. There is a way to improve the amount of structure generated by the mod ? (Like the Bird Shrine or Arceus shrine)

2. I play pixelmon on my server with biome o plenty, I noticed that there were not many raids den on the map when this one was activated, would there be a way to increase the number of raids with biome o plenty?

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By Decent60
#215278 Greetings,

If by structures you mean like Gyms and such. Those are tied into with Minecraft's villages and random generating. You'll need a sidemod to affect those.

As for Max Raid Dens, they're also randomly spawned with no setting like in 8.x.x to change the chance per chunk.
This was a way to rebalance them as they were too common in the previous generations.
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By SKyTheThunder
#215290 These are basically both the same question, since Raid Dens generate as part of a structure. The issue might be that many BoP biomes aren't part of the biome pools that can receive various structures, meaning they won't generate there. We use Forge's internal categories where possible, but not all biomes may be covered by that - and in some cases we need to be more specific (like how Forge doesn't distinguish between Dark Forest, Birch Forest and regular Forest).

In 1.16.5, these aspects of structure generation (base rarity, spread, possible biomes/locations, etc.) are hardcoded, so you'd need a sidemod to override those. That will change once we update past 1.18, making them datapackable - but that's still a while out.
There is a way to go the opposite way and make them rarer though, by adding a chance to generate an empty_pool_element instead to their template pools via Data Pack. Not that that helps in your case...