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By Radiore
#215117 I have been working on an expansive datapack that adds about 90 new moves as of now and it have been a major task to sort out how each move would be learned, be it level up, egg move, or tutor. However, some of the moves I have would work wonderfully as TMs or TRs, but sadly cannot due to it not being possible to have custom TMs or TRs.

I believe it would beneficial for all datapack creators if there was some way to implement custom TMs and TRs. Mentioned in another TM/TR post by Novoro, there's already a “blankimprintrate.json” which could work for such a datafolder.

If adding custom moves to existing TM datafolders may screw up the generational system for TMs - as that's being used to organize everything - perhaps a specific section for custom Tms/TRs could be created so that custom moves don't get cluttered in with pre-existing ones; possibly named "tmmovesCustom"/"trmovesCustom". This would function like how you would add custom tutor moves for naturally-spawned move tutors; add in the move you wish and in the game a TM or TR will be created.
Last bumped by Radiore on 12 Mar 2023 14:18.