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By sh0ups
#209518 Hey all, I am currently working on a project for a Pixelmon server that is under development.

The Concept:

Currently, the plan is to emulate the experience the games provide in as much details as possible, creating that online Pokémon adventure server feel. To be fair, on the surface level, this seems to have been done many times, however we're opting to take a more faithful approach in how we deliver content and the experience.

We will aim to include most of the features from the games, accurate spawns, quests, gym battles and the like, and our end goal is to open up multiple regions for exploration. We will be of course expanding upon this concept, adding features to enhance the Pokémon experience, as well as running live community events for Legendaries and other rewards.

I have a lot of passion for this project as well as a lot of desire to see it come to fruition. Currently, we are building the Kanto region, where we are currently working on Cerulean city. Progress is good, and I would love to recruit some builders to help along with the process to continue the momentum.

Upon helping us out here, there is potential for future staffing roles of course, however for now, the main focus is on map completion and building, and so I will not be looking to give out Moderator/Admin, those sorts of things can be discussed at a later date.

How To Apply:

If you fancy yourself as a builder, or would like to help out in any way, please let me know in response to this thread, pm or add me on Discord where I am much more active: sh0ups#0001. From there we can discuss your involvement, experience and any questions you may have about the server.