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By SKyTheThunder
#213392 Since in Vanilla Tridents are only available as drops from Drowned, there's no way to obtain them with Pixelmon's default settings currently. While most weapons aren't too useful with Vanilla combat practivally removed, Tridents additionally offer utility, especially with the Riptide enchantment.

Empoleon and Gyarados would be prime candidates, both being water types with Trident-like head decoration.
Additionally, it would make sense to add it to other fierce looking water types or ones with weapon connections (Cloyster, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, Samurott, Clawitzer, Golisopod, Drednaw, Barraskewda, Basculegion, Veluza) as well as some others that are connected thematically: Eelektross (fierce looking "fish" whose electric type fits the Channeling enchantment), Hydreigon (three heads) and Dhelmise (shipwreck -> tools lost underwater).
Yes, there are other Pokémon with three heads, but they're either too common or don't look like they'd have anything to do with a weapon like that imo.

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By RonomakiK
#215731 What do you mean, Dugtrio shouldn't drop a Trident?!

For real, since we don't have hostile mobs (other than the Ender Dragon, basically), it wouldn't hurt having the trident be a little more common, since it's utilities in Pixelmon would be transport and maybe the Lightning Bolt external move.