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By 9Tales
#212904 I think that there should be a setting for NPC Trainers to send out their Pokemon in the order that they are listed in the party. Currently, when you defeat their lead they may pick any of their Pokemon, not necessarily their second one.

In the main games, Trainers often have a set order that they send out their Pokemon. For example, the Fire-type Gym Leader Kabu will always send out Ninetales first, then Arcanine, then Centiskorch. He will never send out Centiskorch when you defeat Ninetales. I think that you should be able to make Trainers in Pixelmon that use the same logic if you want to.

By default, Trainers will keep choosing the best switch-in like they currently do. But you can check off a setting in the NPC Editor that would make that particular Trainer send out their Pokemon in order.

As for what happens when you use a move like Roar or Dragon Tail, I think that whatever the main games do should be done when this setting is checked off in Pixelmon.

However, I'm not sure how Advanced AI would handle this (maybe the option shouldn't be available for it).

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By LordSamosa
#212906 At the moment, you can change the party order of an NPC like so:
But indeed they won't always follow the order. Killing Regice does not always mean Litwick is next. This seems more like a bug perhaps?
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By SKyTheThunder
#212911 I believe I've seen the original games do that too? Kind of rare, partially because most usually end up sweeping the NPCs there with the same/similar type of Pokémon, so it wouldn't stand out much. But I think I remember some instances where the order changed depending on what you sent against them.