By DiamondDX
#212863 to begin with, I asked for the addition of the gender distinction pikachu as the most famous Pokémon not to receive its differences. but I was refused because allegedly the fashion is already too big.
and here also the 9th generation came out, which means we need to expand even more
which I suggest:
1) take the functionality of the card game tcg back into a separate sidemode - pixelmon tcg
2) take out all the scenery without any functionality in a separate sidemode - pixelmon stuff
3) remove drowned world and everything to do with it
4) remove all forms of Pokémon that were invented for fashion but did not officially appear in anime games and manga such as strike, alter, drowned and change related quests
this will all relieve the mod by making it lighter and reduce the load
instead of being removed, add those Pokémon forms seen in major anime or manga games such as gender difference pikachu, golden sudovudo, purple toxapex (anime arc sun and moon), and others.

and work on the 9th generation I think and so I'm already right?
there is one more question:
recently, work began on changing the structure of the ultra world and ultra desert and ultra deep sea were changed and yes they are very good. what will be ultra jungle and ultra forest? Kartana's area of ​ ​ habitation in games was similar to the Japanese garden of stones, I hope it will be something similar. and where will those ultra beasts that did not have unique biomes for themselves live, such as Stakataka, Xurketree, Celesteela and Poipol?

I apologize in advance that I did not create a topic in the right sections of the forum but it is easier to make 1 more discussion topic than a few small

thank you for your attention and hope to be answered and listened. I just really love Pokémon and I want to take into account the maximum details in fashion, for example, regarding pikachu for someone is a trifle and for me it seems to be a very important detail of the Pokémon universe

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By LordSamosa
#212875 If by " allegedly the fashion is already too big." you mean file size then yea that's true. A whole model is a lot larger than a simple retexture. The "forms" we add, such as alter, strike etc are just re-textures. Whereas gender differences require whole other models to be added.
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By SKyTheThunder
#212887 Refer to this forum's rules for that, as linked above.
All Pokémon will be added eventually, once they're done. Always have, always will.
Ultra Space is in the process of being reworked and will receive more biomes and content as we get to it.