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By Pixely
#212873 So this idea will mostly focuses on certain pokemons and not all of them.
So for the quartet of dark type legendaries we would have a shrine and to spawn the legendary you would need to get 8 of the things that sealed the legendary in the first place as item in your inventory (these could spawn anywhere ). As for paradox pokemons we could either get a biome for the zero zone or a time machine structure that could make spawn pokemons from the past (it would start a battle tho ) and you would need certain ressources to make the legendary you want spawn to spawn (maybe to not l make this too op you would have to find a scarlet or violet book , that can be dropped with legendary and ultimate boss). As for armarouge and ceruledge a npc would ask to trade for a new item that bronzong and polteigeist can drop after defeated.As to evolve the dolphin pokemon being around a trainer npc could allow you to evolve it.