By TheAGExperience
#212408 Hey, looked around for any info and threw a couple questions on the Discord and didn't see anything, but are there any plans to bring back the attack animations in 1.16.5? I felt like that was probably one of the more fun parts of Pixelmon, and I can see that there's code for it, yet nothing seems to play in-game.
Figured this question was better here than in the bug tracker.

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By SKyTheThunder
#212409 Pretty much all custom particle effects broke with the transition to 1.16.5, and while we have fixed several of them over the Beta versions, they're mainly ones that serve an active gameplay purpose, like the "flames" on the Arc Chalice that signify which Plates have already been added. I'm sure we'll get around to the battle animations eventually - but they are purely cosmetic, so priority won't be too high for those.