By EnderBuilder
#212392 The current abilities that are in Pixelmon can be helpful, like Forage, something that makes you want to have that one Pokemon that has it to help you, but most of them don't have that much of an appeal...

My idea is that there should be more of these to make the player want to have certain Pokemon on their team because of that one ability and not just for their looks!

-Metal Pokemon could have an ability to temporarily give the player faster mining speed, more protection, etc...

-Water Pokemon could have an abilities to help player temporarily swim faster, mine faster underwater, be able to stay without oxygen for a longer peried of time, etc...

-Fire Pokemon could have abilities to temporarily give player fire protection, lava breathing, etc...

-Psych Pokemon could have the ability to temporarily reduce fall damage, make jumps higher, etc...

... And more!

Of course, these are just SOME ideas... But the point is, there would be some situations that players may explore the world MORE because some Pokemon may help them with such unique abilities and it'll make the Pokemon not just the fighting bag, but more usable for the player and make everything feel more alive!

Imagine if I'm going to the Nether. I'm preparing my team full of Water types, but then i remember that some of the Fire Type gives me fire resistance, so i go on my "Good Abilities" box, grab some of the rare Pokemon and go into the Nether. That Pokemon isn't strong or high level, but that doesn't matter, because he has that one unique ability that can save my life!

That's about it, see y'all in the next post!

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By SKyTheThunder
#212396 The goal of the existing Move Skills and other interactions is mainly not to power up the player, but to add a cooperative element between player and Pokémon. For example, rather than making the player swim faster, efficient water mounts offer a more immersive experience.

Move Skills like Ore Sense, Smelt, Ground Birds or Analyze are the kind of skills we're aiming for. Ones that provide useful utility without being just a straight buff to the player.
By EnderBuilder
#212397 Indeed, there are some good ones around, but most of these I don't even see players using... Maybe Smelt and Forage, but there some many other situations that are missing skills. Like caves, underwater, etc... But i thought that these that are already in the game were going to be the only ones added, good to know that possibly more will come.