By EnderBuilder
#212391 When you're playing Pixelmon, it's quite hard to find a reason to have a good team with you because there are no threats around... The biggest thing that can happen is a wild Pokemon annoying you by trying to battle you, but you can quickly solve that by letting them wipe your team or simply run away...

But what if the wild Pokemon could threat the PLAYER by attacking them, and not just that... But what if their attacks were strong enough to even damage their buildings or even annoy them by applying potion effects on them? That's one of my ideas :

-Some wild Pokemon should be able to get annoyed by the player presence and start attacking them by throwing fire balls, "water balls" that spawns water, poison balls that poison the player, etc... That would make for a real enemy in the game and a reason for you to stick with a good team, because if an angry Pokemon spawns near your base, they'll start attacking you and even destroy your base in the process... and you'll want to get rid of them quickly!

-Some wild Pokemon may not get annoyed by your presence, but simply amused by it and start to do some pranks... Some Pokemon like Gengar and Psych types Pokemon should be able to apply some funny and annoying effects into the player, like the levitation effect that the Shulker from vanilla Minecraft puts on the players, some should be able to appy blindness, reduce your mining speed, slow the player down and more! Some of these Pokemon are doing that for fun, other may be scared... Who knows?

I know, i know... This idea is not helpful to the player, but it helps to make the mod feel more alive! Stuff like this can create some good challenges and create some good memories when playing...

That's it for this one, i have other ideas that'll share in other posts... Se y'all around!