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By acetate
#211796 I currently play with 1.16.5 and 9.0.3 and some bugs like the soft lock when trying to evolve make the game feel unplayable. So I was just wondering when the next version will be released, or where should I look for an announcement for its release, so I won't need to keep asking.

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By dhi2awesome
#211800 Updates are always announced on the Discord, but 9.0.4 won't be for a little bit, since 9.0.3 just came out. I'd expect maybe end of the week at the earliest, but it's not something concrete, the Pixelmon team never give out release estimates, to reduce pressure and crunch, and just simply, they don't want to. The updates release when they're ready to be released, and that's all that is confirmed really.
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By SKyTheThunder
#211808 Updates release when they're done.

Even if we wanted to give an ETA, none of us can say for sure either. Several things play into when a version is ready for release, from critical bugs/details being reported late, enough staff members being around for launch, unforseen complications, changes in our plans, to what freetime the team can spare to work on the mod at the moment...

There's really no way to tell, so we prefer to not create expectations that we might end up having to disappoint.