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By Kile467
#209698 Hi!! First of all, congrats for all of the hard work making this awesome custom minecraft experience!!

One quick suggestion: We, the players, can make a little bit of customization in the player inventory with the new hidden slider menu at the left. A button can be added to open the customization menu that appears with /redeem gui.

Speaking in UX terms, it is quite strange to fill the player inventory with all the Pixelmon functionality and customization except this feature!

Thanks a lot!

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By 9Tales
#211334 I agree. Using a command to equip our cosmetics doesn't make much sense, especially since it is not intuitive. If I don't study the Commands page to the Pixelmon Wiki (or the different pages for cosmetics) or pay attention in the Discord, then I may not realize that I need a command in order to equip cosmetics. Since you equip charms, Dynamax bands, and Key Stones in the inventory, you should be able to equip cosmetics there too.