By Gareb3ar1
#210116 Hello Pixelmon devs I've been playing Pixelmon for about a week and I have seen something that makes no sense, the way Burmy spawns with one of its 3 coats randomly. This to makes no sense because Burmy uses what near to make its coat and I see no things that could make the trash coat in its spawns but the sandy coat is there but is a stretch. So I suggesting that the coat spawns based off of biome and not by rng.

1. The leaf coat is ok where Burmy spawns in forests.

2. The sandy coat should not spawn in forests but instead sandy coats spawn in desserts and mesas.

3. Lastly the trash coat should spawn in places with metal like caves or villages because this coat is made be stuff like metal or garbage.

I would like to give thanks to people who took time out of their day to read this and I would love to hear feedback of my suggestion. Thanks again and have a nice day.