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By Wolfseverest93
#204767 I would sincerely appreciate a json configurable to alter the natural generation requirements for the plants, such as berries and apricorn trees, as I am sure that other modpack creators would be. This would especially be useful for modpacks that either add or replace biomes, and very much so for modpacks where the entire overworld is replaced, such as the case with terrafirmacraft installed.

I believe that the ability to alter the block type they can generate on (such as changing it from vanilla grass to a mod added grass block), the density of the generation per chunk allowed, what biomes they can be generated in, and the maximum to minimum y height for generation (perhaps something like "oceanLevel = 64" which could be configured), should suffice. This could be done in one, single configure json for both, or if you deem it necessary, it is very possible to do in two separate files or more, based on how many plant types you would like to make configurable.

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By Apemon
#209931 Bump! Exactly the feature I am looking for. In particular, I would like a config option that allows me to modify the spawn density of naturally generated apricorn trees and berry plants. Everything else is good too.
By KittySweettart
#211306 Everything said here would be a great addition imo. I notice there are some configurations options for structures but not for plants. I think there should be more worldgen options, especially for plant generation. Dimension, Biome, and density control would all be great additions. Maybe even limit/allow which berries and apricorn colors can be spawned in certain biomes?