By sapphicfairy38
#210404 something i think would really benefit this game is if there was a setting that allowed to to enable or disable things like Dynamax, Gigantamax, Max moves, etc. things like that are extremely overpowered and if you don’t have a dynamax pokemon, you’re bound to fail, especially in battles with gym leaders. i continuously get one-shotted by the Max moves and it’s frankly too much, in my opinion. i was looking up information about dynamax and there was a lot of people saying how unnecessary and overpowered it was for the original pokemon game. and for those who want to enable things like dynamax and gigantamax and max moves, they get the option to do so by enabling the feature! i think it would really benefit this game and i hope i see it sometime in the future :) thanks for reading!

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By SKyTheThunder
#210406 This already exists via the "bothGenDimensions" and "oldGenDimensions" config settings, allowing you to pick which battle gimmicks are available.