By justKhang
#210056 i want some shadow pokemon in my pixelmon world so i need a snag ball in pokemon colloseum to do it so i want one in my world
snag ball is gonna turn a pokemon when catch to the shadow pokemon just like XD001
and the dark ball which can max level pokemon and also turn them to shadow pokemon(movie lugia:gale of darkness),
pokemon in shadow form has more power than a normal pokemon.
there is a ep that Satoshi travel to the past by a celebi, he even see some stuff that not a pokeball but they can still catch the pokemon inside.
also there is a mewtwo ball that can catch player pokemon in the first movie but it can only clone the pokemon
also as gen 4 remake can we have some stickers to the pokeball just to make it cool
i think we need a machine to turn pokeball into a snag(poke)ball and i want defeat the gym they give me more stuff i mean stickers for pokeballs