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By NekoCam
#210055 Prismatic Ball: 5x catch rate if a Pokémon is shiny or has an alternative/special texture.
Can't be crafted but can be obtained from Den's, Sold Very Rarely by NPC's that roam/spawn in the world or found on the ground very rarely.

Relic Ruins: (based off of Relic Castle from Pokémon Black and White) Spawns underground in Desert Biomes and is twice as rare as Desert Temples. Can be found due to the entrance sticking out of the ground. Relic Ruins contains a variety of treasures ranging from Relic Loot, Evolution Stones/items, Items related to Legendary/Mythical Pokémon, General Pokémon Items normally in Desert Temples or your Generic Minecraft Loot such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Iron, Enchantment Book Etc.

Poke Mall: found rarely in villages and if successfully generated will replace Poke Marts and contains numerous NPC's to buy items from. Merchants that spawn out in the world will spawn here a bit more commonly.

Dragon Spiral Tower: Structure from Pokémon Black and White. Uses the Dark Stone, Light Stone to Summon Zekrom or Reshiram.

Pokémon Battle Stadium: Very Challenging. Battle Trainers for prize money and items.

NPC N: found very rarely in the world. do quests and battle him to obtain Zekrom or Reshiram.

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By TonySax
#211331 I like the Relic Ruins idea and the Dragon Spiral Tower isn't a bad idea when we have the Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water.

Wandering NPCs already exist so making a N version is possible.

Custom Pokeballs will be available soonTM. The other stuff I'm not sure how well it fits into Minecraft.
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By SKyTheThunder
#211333 I could see Battle Stadiums generate in villages/towns as an alternative to a Gym. Could have a different NPC Trainer spawn in it every day, each as an equal level Boss, one try for each player.

Same for the Mall, as a rare alternative for the regular Mart.
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By Javlon456
#211637 Relic Ruins and the Light/Dark Stone:I feel I could add something meaningful to the conversation, especially since the Light/Dark Stone are already in the game, just without a purpose or method to obtain. If the relic ruins are implemented, I feel it would make sense that you can find the Light/Dark Stone there as a rare item found in a chest. This is because in Pokemon Black and White it is stated by Lenora that they found one of the stones (depending on the version) in relic castle, and if Relic Ruins is meant to be the stand-in for the Relic Castle in Pixelmon I could see that implementation working wonders. If not, desert temples can fulfill a similar purpose, much like how you can find the Prison Bottle, Reveal Glass, and GS Ball in desert temples. Adding the light/dark stone to those pool of items wouldn't be too difficult.

Dragonspiral Tower, where it could be and how it can be implemented: As for the dragonspiral tower structure, I can see it being similar to the tower waters/darkness, where at the top you right click the stone to awaken the dragon, much like how you do with the azure flute to summon Arceus. The difficult part is figuring out where the structure could spawn... In BW Dragonspiral Tower is located just north of Icirrus City which is usually associated with snow, even though it only is snowy during winter. It could serve as enough justification to have the structure spawn in an icy biome though because of this. Looking more into the ingame location of dragonspiral tower, It's shown to be built over a lake surrounded by trees, so I could see it spawn in forests, but then I feel it would clash too hard with the biome and not really fit aesthetically, the structure should be located in a place where it's noticeable but not too jarring to the point where looks out of place, similar to how the legendary bird shrines fit the biome they are in and look at least somewhat natural. The structure itself should also be fairly big so it spawning in a forest could be funky for world generation compared to that of an icy biome which is usually more barren. I also think a Mega Taiga or Mega Taiga Hills could work but it wouldn't be easy to do so as the trees there are already very tall and it wouldn't make sense for a tower that pierces the heavens ingame to be shorter than a bunch of trees, but then we run into the problem of the structure being too tall and having nothing substantial in it until we reach the top. Something that could fix this is maybe have certain pokemon spawn in there, like how ghost towers spawn a variety of ghost pokemon that aggro to the player. Something similar could be implemented. Pokemon like Druddigon and Golurk (pokemon that actually appear in Dragonspiral Tower) could spawn inside the tower as the player works their way up to the top, fending them off until they reach the top. If that is the case, it would likely take a lot of time and probably be the biggest structure in the mod, only probably beaten by the relic ruins if those were to be implemented as well. It would be the most ambitious route to take and by far the most interesting. If the devs want to take the easier route, a simple tower around a similar size as the Urshifu towers could work and spawn in icy biomes, and at the top is where Reshiram and Zekrom could be summoned. Perhaps even a hybrid of the two ideas could be combined, it could be smaller but maybe aggro pokemon can still spawn like in the ghost tower. There's a lot of potential to be had here with implementing the tower, and it would way more interesting, engaging, and memorable than just waiting in a Mega Taiga Hills for them to spawn like the other legendaries. Thank you for reading!