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By MagmaCJ

Endeavour on your Pixelmon journey with us at your side. Whether you are looking to play competitively or for fun, this is the server for you!


Active players have the chance to be entered into our amazing giveaways on our server. Be sure to check out our server discord to be in the chance of winning a Nintendo Oled Switch and many other amazing prizes!! Finishing 24th July.

We have an amazing, friendly community who always help each other out, not to mention our awesome staff!.

We are constantly working hard to add more features to the Pixelmon server whilst also hosting engaging events with prizes to be won!!

Our Amazing Features!!!

Custom Forms/Biomes!
Adventure through all of our custom zones to catch special themed pokemon! We have a large variety of pokemon such as Shadow, Arctic, Magma and many more!!

Events every other day!
We have a variety of fun and enjoyable events for everyone to take part in for the chance to get amazing rewards. Join in and take part in events like Crane Game, Hide and Seek, Squid Games and many more!

With this awesome feature you get access to change stats of your pokemon you wouldn't usually have access to! IV's / Shiny / Gender / Size etc

Custom Gyms!
Battle your way through all of our custom gyms and prove that you are the best there ever was!

Playtime Ranks!
Get rewarded just for playing on the server with our special timekits which give you amazing in game items!

Access to /daycare where you can send your pokemon to level up and hatch eggs. This feature also gives you access to buy items which can give you special bonuses in game like improved shiny rates, better IVs on catch and many more

Take on our extreme dungeons to test your skills. Each level gives you better rewards and the further you get the more loot there is for you!

Custom Raid Dens!
Join hands with all the other players in the server to take part in custom raids against legendary pokemon. Each raid can reward you with amazing loot.

Earn Shards throughout the server which you can use to summon any pokemon you like!


Other Features!

Auras-Cosmetics for your pokemon

GymPark-A park full of Gyms where players who have been given the title can fight others.

Safaris-Places that spawn more rare pokemon.

PokeVision-Item/menu that helps you navigate the server.

Modifiers-Modifiers that can change the nature, gender and ball of your pokemon. You can also get a modifer that makes your pokemon shiny!

GTS-Great place to sell items and pokemon.

Cities-Locations with lore and npc gyms.

PlayerTowns-Towns where multiple players can live together.

TechincPack-Custom server modpack which will have all our latest updates on it

Biomes O Plenty-Few servers make use of this amazing mod, adds in tons of biomes and blocks.

Daily Rewards-Every day you log on you get rewards and each day it gets better!

Poke Teams-Forge Teams with other players set up a clan base and more.

BattlePass-Gain levels on battle pass, each level gives amazing rewards!

PokeMMO-Gain levels for various tasks that unlock skills that help with quality of life!

Dex Rewards-Gain rewards by filling up your pokedex!

Poke Stops-Random Rewards from towns & spawns!

Battle Tower- Infinite challenging battles for Battle Points!

DynamicBoosts- Daily boosts on legends and shiny spawns!

Custom Starters- 9 different custom form Pokemon to choose from when you begin your journey!

Scavenger Hunt- Hunt for unknown pokemon & get rewards!


By Vattuman
#210044 Ohh, fancy meeting you here. ;-)
I've had a blast on here since joining, putting in more hours than I would want to admit and why you ask? Because this server has most features & stuff that I been looking for. Some of those would be: a GREAT community, fun events, the servers management actually listens to it's playerbase and most of all, effort pays off.

In anycase, I'm having a good time, aswell as my friends that I've brought along. So why dont you too give it a try? ^^
Cya online :-)
By MagmaCJ
#211999 Giveaway is ending very soon on our discord server, be sure to join to be in a chance of winning! Our store currently has a sale running and a limited time bundle. We are also celebrating reaching 2000+ members and lots of new updates to the server to improve the communities experience. Come be a part of Phoenix Blazing today!