By looming
#210017 I've read that shiny multipliers (shiny lure, shiny charm, catch combo, etc) are not factored in for mons spawned unnaturally (shrines/altars, fossil machine, cloning machine, tower bells, etc).

I think it would be nice if these were included so that these mons can also be shiny farmed. Having the odds stuck at 1/4096 (by default) makes trying to obtain shiny forms of these mons pretty unreasonable.

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By SKyTheThunder
#210018 The Shiny Charm should apply to all spawn methods, as should the US multiplier.

The way the functionality of Lures is justified, they passively lure Pokémon with the desired traits out in the open. Force spawned Pokémon usually have no say in the matter, so it wouldn't make sense for the Lure to have an effect on them. You either create them (Fossil/Cloning Machines), drag them out of their home (Headbutt, Rock Smash, etc.) or force summon them (Shrines, Dens).
I could see an argument for Fishing and Sweet Scent, but that's about it.

I'm not entirely sure on the mechanics around Catch Combos.
By looming
#210020 I agree with your point about lures. That didn't occur to me.

That's good news that shiny charm and US should already be working. But yeah, catch combo is the main one I've been seeing the discussion of it not working for forced spawns. Also the biggest multiplier.

I'm also not familiar with the lore behind the catch combo other than it being from Let's Go. But if there's no reason it shouldn't work for forced spawns too I think it would be beneficial.