By CobaltGlacier
#209983 its just a fanmade feature and by NO MEANS is it considered canon. but a while back, someone on YouTube by the name of "ilovemusic10811"(link will be below) made a fan written story about an eevee that evolved into a hybrid of sorts of all evolutions of eevee, it was known as Celesteon. there isn't any known data revolving it, no known type, no known moveset, nothing except for the picture of it and a fanmade story in the form of videos on YouTube. I want to try to bring that back to life. it would be considered a "Rainbow Type", which is a new type in which specific Pokémon can become by using a rainbow wing on them.

the rainbow type is weak against bug, ghost, poison, and dark types.
it is strong against water, fire, flying, dragon, and steel.
it is resistant to rock, and fighting.
it is immune to fairy, psychic, and ice.
and it is neutral against normal, grass, ground, and electric.

the rainbow type usually buffs a Pokémon's base stats by around 100 points in its top 3 strongest stats contrary to its normal counterpart.

and Celesteon is a pure Rainbow Type. it has the ability known as "rainbow randomizer", which randomizes 3-5 type weaknesses, type resistances, type immunities, and type advantages, making it almost completely sporadic. it has 4 signature moves.

Rainbow Raid: a move that calls upon all 8 eeveelutions and delivers a rainbow blast from each eeveelutions from the sky that merges together, almost akin to the z move of lunala. it also increases the damage by 100 depending on how many eeveelutions are in the party of the user at the time upon using it. half of however much damage is dealt is taken as recoil. it has a default pp of 5, an accuracy of 75%, and it is a special category rainbow type move.

Spectrum Strike: a move in which the user strikes the target with concentrated Light energy. User's special attack gets boosted by one stage. deals extra Damage in Spectrum Terrain(a new kind of terrain). it has a default pp of 15, an accuracy of 100%, and is a special category rainbow type move.

Luminescence: a move in which the user Smashes its horns/claws into the ground, creating a burst of Rainbow aura, damaging all adjacent foes, Summons Spectrum Terrain, and eliminates all field hazards on both sides. it has a default pp of 10, an accuracy of 100%, and is a physical category rainbow type move

Multi Light: a move in which the user heals half of their Max Hp, while boosting special defense by one stage. it has a default pp of 15, has an accuracy of 100%, and is a status category rainbow type move.

a new terrain: Spectrum terrain

Light surrounds and engulfs the field, boosting the power of Fairy type moves by 30%, and Rainbow type moves by 50%., at the end of each turn will regain 1/16 of their Max HP back, every fairy and rainbow type Pokémon are immune to status moves, and resistant to physical and special moves while in this terrain.

most of the data of the rainbow type came from the fanmade game called Pokémon Anachron, I just altered it a little bit to make it a little improved.

a link to the youtuber: ... 8ATdt747sw
this is Celesteon.
some art on deviant art of it.