By Eyemin
#209946 Im sorry if this has been suggested before, but when i saw the special ways you can get legendary pokemon, i just couldnt stop thinking about the regis. the gen 3 way of getting the regi trio is such a cool way of geting legendaries and id love to see something like it!

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By Tahlavos17
#209957 I can see something like this being added since we've already got the Galarian Variation of the Legendary Birds, so why not have it to where there is an optional quest for some of the other Legendary Pokemon.
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By SKyTheThunder
#209964 The eventual goal is to have individual methods for most of the legendaries. However, it takes some time and effort from different teams to create those, and larger global features take some priority over mechanics for a single Pokémon - so the implementation of these has been somewhat slow.