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By Leeiuum
#209184 Hi everyone

I am looking for a partner for a Pixelmon server.

I required assets in January that I have not yet used and unfortunately due to work and then health issues I have not had the time to set up the server with said assets.

I would love it if a partner would be interested in helping me create a Pixelmon server in both our vision.

So to start off with:
I control the money going into the server, such as the server costs and website costs. What I am looking in a partner is to fulfil a community and server management based role where they are able to set everything up in their image. This is the perfect opportunity for those who do not have the money and would love to create their own community.

All I require in a partner (in return) is to trust discuss if any crucial or major change is needed and to create a healthy and friendly server.

In terms of money earned, I will take the money until we get to a point where the server can run itself - and then after that the majority of the profit (after cost money) will go mostly to the partner - while I will take a small for profit cut.

Here is a website for you to check out. Thanks for taking a look.

If interested, please let me know by replying to this thread with your Discord tag or some other way to contact you. I will send you a friend request where we can discuss further. Thanks.

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By AydenAc
#209338 Sorry, it didn't give me a notification you replied, I checked and have accepting requests enabled for sure, if it's still not working write yours here and I'll send it your way